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The Magic of “Googly Woogly Woosh”: How Ponds Transformed Advertising in India - Dr Prachetan Potadar


In the vibrant landscape of Indian advertising, few campaigns manage to capture the essence of their products while leaving a lasting impression on the public. One such campaign is Ponds' "Googly Woogly Woosh," launched in 2003. This iconic campaign not only boosted Ponds Cold Cream's market share by 15% within the first year but also became a cultural phenomenon. Let’s explore the enchanting journey of this campaign and its impact on Indian advertising.

Ponds' "Googly Woogly Woosh" is a prime example of how creativity, emotional storytelling, and simplicity can transform an advertising campaign into a cultural milestone.
old iconic ad in late 2000s

The Genesis of "Googly Woogly Woosh"

The Context

By the early 2000s, Ponds had established itself as a trusted skincare brand but faced stiff competition from new entrants in the beauty and skincare market. To maintain its leadership, Ponds needed to rejuvenate its image and connect emotionally with a wider audience.

The Creative Vision

The campaign was conceived by JWT India (now Wunderman Thompson). The agency aimed to create a memorable and emotionally engaging narrative that would highlight the product's unique selling point: its softness. "Googly Woogly Woosh" was born as a playful expression to convey the tender, delightful touch of Ponds Cold Cream.

The Ad Campaign: A Closer Look

The Execution

The campaign rolled out across multiple channels, including television, print, and outdoor media. It portrayed everyday moments where the softness of Ponds Cold Cream brought people closer together. The jingle "Googly Woogly Woosh" played a pivotal role, enhancing the visuals of families, friends, and couples sharing affectionate moments.

  • Characters: The ads featured regular people, emphasizing authenticity and relatability. This approach helped viewers see themselves in the scenarios depicted.

  • Setting: The commercials took place in familiar settings like homes and workplaces, reinforcing the product's role in daily life.

  • Music and Jingle: The catchy jingle became synonymous with the brand, echoing the playful softness of the product. It was composed by Rupert Fernandes and became an instant hit.

The Message

"Googly Woogly Woosh" communicated that Ponds Cold Cream makes your skin irresistibly soft, prompting affectionate touches from loved ones. The campaign focused on the emotional warmth and connection facilitated by the product, rather than just its functional benefits.

The Impact and Legacy

Popularity and Reception

The campaign resonated deeply with a broad audience. Its effectiveness can be measured by:

  • Increased Market Share: Within the first year of the campaign, Ponds Cold Cream saw a 15% increase in market share .

  • High Recall Value: Surveys indicated that 80% of the target audience could recall the ad and the brand after the first exposure .

  • Social Media Buzz: The campaign generated significant buzz on social media, with the jingle being shared widely and used in various memes and videos.

Awards and Recognition

The campaign received several prestigious awards, including:

  • Effie Award for Effectiveness (2004): Recognizing the campaign’s success in boosting brand awareness and sales.

  • Indian Television Academy Award for Best Ad Campaign (2004): Acknowledging the creative excellence and emotional impact of the campaign .

Ponds' "Googly Woogly Woosh" is a prime example of how creativity, emotional storytelling, and simplicity can transform an advertising campaign into a cultural milestone.
googly woogly woosh - iconic ad

Cultural Impact

"Googly Woogly Woosh" transcended advertising to become a part of everyday language. The phrase entered the vernacular, used to describe anything soft and lovable. Its cultural penetration was so profound that it inspired parodies, references in popular media, and even academic discussions on effective advertising.

Lessons for Modern Advertisers

Emotional Connection

A critical takeaway from "Googly Woogly Woosh" is the importance of emotional connection. Ads that evoke genuine emotions and relate to viewers’ lives create a lasting impact and foster brand loyalty.

Simplicity and Relatability

The campaign’s success underscores the power of simplicity and relatability. By focusing on universal emotions and common scenarios, brands can craft messages that resonate more deeply with their audience.

Catchy Elements

Incorporating memorable elements like a catchy jingle enhances an ad’s recall value. Such elements can reinforce the brand message in a fun and engaging way, making it easier for audiences to remember and relate to the brand.


Ponds' "Googly Woogly Woosh" is a prime example of how creativity, emotional storytelling, and simplicity can transform an advertising campaign into a cultural milestone. By focusing on relatable emotions and incorporating a memorable jingle, Ponds not only revitalized its brand but also left an indelible mark on Indian advertising.

As digital marketing continues to evolve, the campaign stands as a reminder of the enduring power of human connection and emotional resonance in advertising. Whether you're a marketer, a creative professional, or an enthusiast of great advertising, the "Googly Woogly Woosh" campaign offers valuable insights into crafting messages that remain etched in the hearts and minds of consumers long after the ads have stopped airing.


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